Die Slow (with Strick)

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Die Slow (with Strick)

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I gotta tell you that you'll die tonight
我得告诉你 今晚你会下地狱
You go against these people, you gon' die slow, die slow
你和这些人作对 你便慢慢死去 煎熬中没了生息
We out in Italy on the water
Me and Strick recordin', smokin' weed, smokin' dope (Die slow, die slow)
我和Strick在录音棚 吞云吐雾 好不快活
Drinkin' a lil' lean, I actually did good, I ain't drink but a pint this whole tour
喝点小酒 我实际上做得很好 我没喝多少 整个旅程中就喝了一品脱
Yeah, on tour, I done missed my son's birthday, it's July the 15th
在巡演中 我确实错过了儿子的生日 现在时间来到7月15号

Nah, I lowkey, like, really see people ridin' past on boats right now out the window (Die slow, die slow)
我很低调 就像真的看到人们在窗外乘船而过
It's just the penthouse suite, know it's nothin' major, yeah
这只是顶层套房而已 没什么大不了的
Told the lawyer that my brother ain't goin' back to prison
跟律师说 我哥哥不会再被抓回监狱
I don't give a **** if I gotta turn that nigga to Jehovah's Witness
如果我要把那人交给神的见证人 我一点也不在乎
I'm just seekin' for God's soul 'cause I know something's missin'
我只是在寻找上帝的灵魂 因为我知道丢了些什么
Comme des Garçons boxers, and I came from penny-pinchin'
穿着Comme des Garçons(日本品牌)拳击手 花钱我并不大手大脚
Came out the struggle, nigga, I really had lost a brother, nigga
挣扎着解脱出来 我真的失去了一个兄弟
Got to fightin' with the Deputy sheriff, I almost lost my mother, nigga
要和副警长大干一架 我差点失去我的妈妈
That's funny, that's funny, like
这很有趣 这很好玩 就像
My momma had broke up with my dad for having another kid on her, and um
我父母离了婚 因为她为别人生下一个孩子
He had came home one day and saw a car in the driveway
有一天爸爸回到家 看到车道上停着一辆车
It was an off-duty sheriff, a Deputy sheriff that my mom was ****in’ with, and um
那是一个休班的治安官的车 我妈妈出轨了他
They had a few words, and it ended with, um, my dad shooting
他们说了几句话 最后以我爸爸开枪收场
They ended up in the hospital in a coma, yeah, so
他们双双昏迷 住进医院 所以
Fast forward like eight years later, my sisters had got to fighting, and um
快进到八年后 我的姐妹们不得不挺身而出
And they had a family member that was a Deputy sheriff, and um
My mom came outside to stop the fighting
And the lady got in the car and just pulled off doing like sixty miles per hour, ran my mom over
那位女士上了车 以每小时60英里的速度起步 把我妈妈撞倒在地
She had a stroke and shit, but she alright, yeah
她中风了 但无大碍
I always knew I wasn't gon' be gay
我一直都知道 我不是什么同性恋
I had her sendin' pictures to my mom's phone when I was like eight
在我八岁时 我让她把照片发到我妈妈的手机上
I always knew that I'd be great
'Cause my coach told me I was slow, but I was runnin' in a fast pace, huh
因为我的教练告诉我 我学得缓慢 但我跑得可不慢
They tryna divide us and conquer the world with it
他们试图离间我们 并以此征服世界
They got a couple of the guys and all of the girls with it
But I'm a mastermind, I see right through it
但我是统筹全局 我看透了一切
I see that they got couple of diamonds but the rest of 'em pearls in it
我看到他们有几颗钻石 但其余的都是珍珠
They say you poor 'cause you black right to your face (Yeah)
他们说你很穷 因为你的脸皮黝黑 发不出光芒
They say where you live, you'll never be able to own that place
他们说 在你住的地方 永远无法拥有那豪华的地界
My father said that you can change it all with your performance
我爸说 你可以用你的实力与表现改变这一切
And by the way, your life is a VV stone charm
顺便说一句 你的生活闪耀如钻
They take the land and then detect who all can come
他们占领土地 然后划分出可以来此居住的人的身份
But I tell you with a long sleeve, I bear arms
但我告诉你 我有自己的双臂
I'm high enough to be on a Milky Way 'til morning
我足够高 可以够到银河上 直到清晨
If you want it, you gon' get up earlier than anyone
如果你愿意 你会比任何人都早起
If you want it, you gon' get up earlier than anyone
如果你愿意 你会比任何人都早起
Put on my socks, grab my Glock, the stick under the couch
穿上袜子 抓住Glock 沙发底下的那种东西
Tie all my shoes, you wearin flip flops, and it's top of the top
系好我所有的鞋子 你穿着人字拖 这是顶级中的顶级
R.I.P. Nipsey, know what I'm sayin'
安息Nipsey 知道我在说什么
(If you were the one in my shoes, would you love?)
(如果你在我的处境 你会给予爱意吗?)
Would you love, would you love, would you love, would you love?
你会给予爱意吗 你会给予爱意吗 你会吗 你会吗
If you were the one in, if you were the one in
如果你是那个人 如果你是局中的那个人
The Feds just left, so I busted it, hey, yeah
联邦调查局刚刚离开 所以我将其破坏
Would you run away or would you come back nightly? (Woo)
你会逃之夭夭 还是每晚回来
I gotta tell you that you'll die tonight
我得告诉你 今晚你会下地狱
You go against these people, you gon' die slow, die slow, die slow
你和这些人做对 你便慢慢死去 煎熬中没了生息
Slime, what's going on? It's feeling like they won
Slime 这是怎么回事 他们似乎赢了
Gotta get back up, you've gotta get the Sun
必须站起来 你必须够到太阳
I gotta tell you that you'll die slow, die slow, die slow
我得告诉你 你会慢慢死去 煎熬中没了生息
You gon' die slow, die slow, die slow
慢慢死去 煎熬中没了生息
Mom, what's going on? It's feeling like the Devil won
妈妈 这是怎么回事 恶魔似乎获得了胜利
Die slow, die slow
慢慢死去 煎熬中没了生息
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